Hello. My name is Anastasia Casey Grey.  This is a newish journal, the intended use is to record my newish life week by week.  Its a promise to myself to pay attention to not just the downers that I encounter, but the uppers too.   If you wish to add me to your friends list, by all means add me to your friends list.  I will happily add you to my basic friends listing.
I have other friends listings as well that go into the more gritacular parts of my life, and if you wish to be added, leave me a message letting me know if you're actually that morbidly curious.  But I'll be honest up front, unless I -know- you, being added into any of the deeper layers of my life may not happen.  I hope you understand, but a past life that is still fading from cosmic view has experienced quite a bit of drama from the actions of others alone.  Do not meddle in my life more than you should and I won't meddle in yours.

Now you have yourself a nice day, mkay?